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Transparent Funda Oppo A38 4G Premium Anti-Scam

    Transparent Funda Oppo A38 4G Premium Anti-Scam

    It's called Oppo A38 4G. Protect your phone with brand warranty and quality APOKIN.


    Więcej informacji

    Więcej informacji

    • It's called Oppo A38 4G Antigolpe Premium
    • You want to protect your phone from falls and bumps? The premium impact gel case is the answer, designed with reinforced edges to absorb impacts and protect the terminal.
    • Anti-shock design that protects your terminal from unexpected shocks and impacts.
    • Premium gel case, silicone made of a rigid, fully transparent material that sticks to the smartphone, so you can use it with a soft and comfortable touch.
    • Lightweight, rugged design that prevents scratches and bumps without adding volume. The case is manufactured with a specific design that allows the use of phone controls and buttons.

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