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Double iPhone 15 Transparent Silicone Front and Back Case

Double iPhone 15 Transparent Silicone Front and Back Case

Case for iPhone 15 Double transparent covering the front and back area. Protect your phone with brand warranty and quality APOKIN.


Więcej informacji

Więcej informacji

  • Compatible with iPhone 15
  • Double front and rear rigid plastic case - Total transparent
  • Ultra-fine 360-degree design, includes 2 pieces of transparent duct plastic, one covering the front and one covering the rear area.
  • It fits perfectly and covers 100% of the phone, protects every corner and corner.
  • The front cover is made of a rigid, fully transparent material and is attached to the screen of the smartphone, so you can use it with a soft and comfortable touch.
  • This case model does NOT have a micro dot network. This case cannot be used with a screen protector.
  • Lightweight, rugged design protects the phone from scratches and bumps without adding volume. You have full access to all the controls and buttons on the phone.

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Double Cover 360