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UV Printer to Personalize Self-Managed Mobile Phone Cases

UV Printer to Personalize Self-Managed Mobile Phone Cases

UV printer for mobile cases with self-managed system, thanks to this system the printing of customized mobile cases will not be a headache, you do not need knowledge of graphic design and have photoshop to do the assembly, nor calculate the size of the case to print.

This printer carries the easiest system for printing mobile phone cases on the market.

The printer has on the top cover a Windows 10 computer, which carries the tool that models the design that you upload with your mobile to the machine.

The printer must be connected to the same wifi network as the device that has the image to be printed.

1- Scan with the mobile, the QR code that carries the printer on the front, so you access the tool to choose the brand, model of mobile and upload the image and mount the image, all this you do from the mobile.

2- On the mobile you can see the final result of the print, change the you can add text, effects, stickers and so on. All the design is done from the mobile then once you confirm it. The design goes from the mobile to the printer.

3- Once you have confirmed and finished the design on the mobile, the design goes to the finished machine and you just have to give it to start printing.

4- You're done and you just have to wait 2 minutes for the printer to finish printing the cover. This whole process from point one to point four took you a maximum of three minutes. It's never been easier to customize a case with a UV printer. The times of editing the file, measuring the cover, correcting errors and throwing away badly printed covers, time and money on ink are behind us.

With this UV machine you can only customize mobile cases only it is prepared and adapted for it, you can not customize other types of products or tablet cases. Only mobile cases

What cases can I customize with this machine? The only limitation you have with this machine is that the head is not adjustable in height, therefore holders with protrusion and camera cover protector cannot be printed, as it rubs with the injector damaging the case and the injector itself. As long as the cover is smooth, you can print colored silicone covers, transparent silicone covers, hard covers, leather covers, you can actually print on any cover material, with the only limitation that it's smooth and doesn't have a camera cover.

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Print size:Any size of mobile
Printing technology: UV Led
Printing time: 2 minutes per cover
System: Windows 10 with application system Mobile phone cases
Injector: Epson XP600 Piece electric print head.
Printing size: 600 × 470 × 380 mm
Size of shipping box: 700×570×560mm
Weight of the printer: 35 kg
Weight with box:50KG