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Crystal Tablet

At Apokin, we offer a wide variety of templated tablet-based crystals, ideal to protect the screen of your device from scratches, strikes and falls.These crystals are made with high-quality materials and resistance, making them durable and effective to protect your device.

In addition, we have template tablet crystals of different brands, sizes and models, which allows us to offer an appropriate solution for most of the market devices.From Apple tablets to Android devices, we have a wide variety of tablet crystals that fit your needs.

Our template tablet crystals are easy to install and do not affect the touch screen sensitivity, which means you will be able to continue using your device with the same ease and comfort as before.In addition, we offer competitive prices and special discounts for large orders, making our products ideal for companies and retailers.

In short, if you’re looking for a solution to protect your tablet’s screen from scratches, shots and falls, at Apokin we have the perfect solution for you.Contact us to learn more about our wholesale products and services.

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