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Crystal Color OFFER

A template colour crystal for mobile is a hardened glass sheet that adheses to the screen of your mobile phone to protect it from scratches, hits and falls.The difference with conventional tempered crystals is that colored crystals have a cover that gives them a different tone or mattress.These template colour crystals for mobile are available in different shades, such as black, golden, plate, pink, blue, green and red, among others.The choice of color will depend on your personal preferences and the model of your mobile phone.In addition to the protection it offers, tempered color crystals can also be an aesthetic complement to your mobile.They can give you a touch of personality and style, and make your device stand out among others.It is important to keep in mind that, although these tempered colour crystals can be an interesting option, the protection of your mobile doesn’t just depend on them.It is recommended that you use a protective foam along with the tempered crystal for a complete protection of your mobile phone.

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