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Premium A+++ Case Youngkit TCCX02 2-Mobile Models
  • Premium A+++ Case Youngkit TCCX02 2-Mobile Models
Premium A+++ Case Youngkit TCCX02 2-Mobile Models
Premium A+++ Case Youngkit TCCX02 2-Mobile Models

    Premium A+++ Case Youngkit TCCX02 2-Mobile Models

    Premium A+++ Youngkit TCCX02 iphone 14 pro and iphone 14 pro max.

    Fund a luxury range made from high quality materials to raise the image level of your business.

    The fund blister is a premium hard box blister never before seen in mobile funds.

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    Unlimited and unique inspiration

    The Technology series is inspired by the fusion of cyberpunk and electronic technology, extracting design elements from the basic style of the circuit plate of electronic technology to reflect it, thus reflecting the artistic charm of future technology and giving new life to the Shell mobile phones, closely following the fashion of the times.

    In this fusion design, YOUNGKiT uses the combination of basic circuit plate patterns and future technological elements to reflect the infinite imagination of modern fashion and future technological life.

    About the artist

    Increased protection

    The Magsafe Samsung Galaxy S23 technology series adopts the new fully touch protection technology in all directions, which has the features of high elasticity and effective impact absorption, which can absorb the impact force at the time of the phone’s fall, without dead angle to protect your phone.

    In addition, we have more than 500 continuous fall tests from multiple angles that ensure that each corner of the cabinet is equally resistant to falls.

    Process and higher materials

    We use the IMD double layer HD printing process, which can not only be resistant to scratch and wear, but also make its color lasting.

    Made with a hard polycarbonate material from the world’s leading plastic supplier: Bayer, which can effectively delay the frame oxidation time, and the level of yellowing resistance can reach level 5.

    We strive to make resources 100% recyclable, so that we help protect our planet.

    Sharing and Entertainment

    In youngkit, you can be a young man who expresses himself without hesitation.Express individuality, personalize fashion and the future, share and talk to yourself, friends, family and even strangers, this is the freedom that YOUNGKIT can provide.

    All our unique designs are designed to be fun and festive, and to inspire a joyful daily exchange, on trips, parties and even on every selfie.