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Nano Liquid Correcting Oil

Nano Liquid Correcting Oil

Nano Liquid Edge Correcting Oil for Screen Protectors

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If you want to be a true professional in the placement of screen protectors, the Nano Liquid Corrector cannot be missing in your business with it, you will make the results perfect and customers will want to put it back in your Establishment.

With the Nano Liquid oil you will get the screen protectors to be totally adhered to the surface of the screen, in some cases due to the shape of the screen you will need the use of this oil especially in the latest models on the market that incorporate edge screens rounded.

The application is quite simple: we place the screen protector on the terminal, we help it to eliminate air bubbles from the center to the ends and once it is glued, if we observe that the sides do not stick, we will only have to unscrew the brush that comes in the bottle of oil and go puncturing the brush in the edges that have the white border. Once this is done, we will push the remaining air from the edges until it is equal on all sides.

NOTE: The oil does not damage the screens, it can be used, it will not affect the screen or leave any marks, just take special care not to pour too much oil that could enter the holes of the terminal, it is recommended that once the oil is used, clean the surface They are common alcohol of 96º.