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Glossy Silicone iPhone 15 Case with Magnet and 360 Ring Support 5 Colors

Glossy Silicone iPhone 15 Case with Magnet and 360 Ring Support 5 Colors

Silicone glitter case composed of 3 pieces making a resistant and anti-impact case with style, in addition with the ring support you can hold the phone with a magnet support for your car or use the ring as a stand to support the mobile in the position of your choice. Protect your phone with brand warranty and quality APOKIN.


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  • Shiny silicone case iPhone 15 with magnet and ring support 360 5 colors
  • You want maximum protection for your phone? The metallic rigid aluminum case is the answer, made from durable, premium materials.
  • Three-piece backing ensuring hardness without sacrificing style
  • It protects your terminal from scratches, impacts and bumps with a sturdy, sleek metallic cover.
  • A case that combines aluminum on the outside with silicone on the edges and inside, material that fits like a glove to a smartphone, so you can use it stylishly without adding volume.
  • Made to measure for each mobile phone model so it allows access to phone controls, buttons and connectors.
  • It incorporates a 360o rotating ring very useful for holding the mobile and can be used as a support to place the terminal horizontally or vertically.
  • The ring is magnetized, compatible with car magnet holders, so it makes it easy for us to use the smartphone in the car.