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Customization of case and housing, wholesale sale and customization are the customization supplier you are looking for.We do the work for you thanks to the tool you make the assembly you want and you are looking at the end result of customization.In Apokin we are the supplier that deals with the custom case for your business.

Customization of housings for bulk

Personalized mobile cases wholesale.We are the wholesaler of mobile accessories that you are looking for, if you have a housing store and accessories for mobile phones we make you the case customised by you on the same day.We make those big orders on behalf of your particular customer we do from a case to large strips of thousands of covers with the design or logo that you choose or your client.

Apokin is the wholesaler No1 par excellence of the south of europa, we have since 2007 dedicated to wholesale sales and its distribution among thousands of customers from small neighborhood shops to international global brands rely on the products of Apokin.

For several years we have been developing new customized products such as:

Customization of mobile sheaths, customization of wholesale cups, customization of wholesale bottles, customization of wholesale bags, customization of wholesale thermos, customization of wholesale t-shirts, customization of wholesale backpacks, customization of wholesale aprons and all wholesale merchandising products.

At Apokin we are always on the side of innovation to offer all of you customers, new solutions and meet demand, we are the wholesaler of customized products you are looking for

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