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Box of 20 Matte Hydrogel Sheets AAA| Apokin Plotter Sheet

Box of 20 Matte Hydrogel Sheets AAA| Apokin Plotter Sheet

Box 20 Lamines Hydrogel Mate AAA to be used

This sheet does not leave a single mark on the central part when mounted, this new formulation with respect to the previous one corrects flashes and blurriness towards the old sheet.

* As a recommendation to customers to avoid errors or losses that the recharge code is entered nothing but disappoint the sheets, in that way they avoid losses of codes, in that part APOKIN is not responsible for the lack of codes or loss of such cuts.

more info

more info

Pack 20 Hydrogel sheets for mobile phones, watches, wristbands, consoles, headphones, camera lenses, reflex camera protector and the like.

Hydrogel is a material from which our foil is made which is a variant of TPU silicone, this is an innovative and new material in the screen protection sector. The hydrogel sheet is composed of several layers: the advantage of the elastic material is that the impacts are absorbed by its elasticity making that the energy of the impact is absorbed eliminating the transfer of this to the screen avoiding the impact the screen of the device in question, the hydrogel is composed of several layers. Thanks to this solution, the sheet protects the screen from falls, shocks and impacts.

The main characteristics of TPU Soft are as follows:

  • Scratch repair in 24 hours.
  • Strike resistant
  • Perfect fit for curved and rounded screens.
  • It's crash proof.
  • HD definition of the screen, no loss of screen quality.
  • The sheet once glued does not come off


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